Why the LED Display Screen Prices Are Extremely Different: 6 Main Factors Would Impact Them

LED Chip: The main factor impact the price of LED display screen

There are many kinds and brands of the LED chip used in LED Display Screen. For different markets and applications, the prices of the LED chips are also very different. We can not say that the cheap LED must be poor quality, or some brand means low quality because the price is low. There is also a good price with high-quality products, so we must consider many other factors, such as capacity, stability, after-sales service, channels and so on. But generally speaking, the higher price means better stability and quality.

Considering the above factors, in the LED display screen industry chain in Shenzhen China, we classify the LED chip according to their price grade and we divide them into three grades.

A-Class: Excellent, the quality is fully guaranteed, on behalf of the brand has NATIONSTAR, EVERLIGHT, and so on, and there have gold wire and copper wire versions. Use this kind of LED Chips for projects which need high quality and acceptable price.

B-Class: Good, the price is lower than A-Class, for the mainstream application of the market products, on behalf of the brand KINGLIGHT, Dongshan precision, Huatian, Blue Arrow, Miyou, and so on. There are also offer gold and copper wire versions, which are aimed at cost-effective projects.

C-Class: Average, the price is the lowest version. To win customers with price, because the pursuit of the lowest price, quality is bound to be discounted, normally using alloy wire for the LED Chips. This level LED chips for the projects which price sensitive and no much quality demand.

There is a wide range of products available, in terms of pixel pitches and indoor or outdoor use, and also the components, in particular LED brand, may affect the price dramatically. The price range per square meter between an LED display of low resolution (even less than 500 pixels per square meter) and an LED display of high resolution (over 1,000,000 pixels per square meter) is very big, from less than 1,000 Euros per square meter to more than 15,000 Euros per square meter. Within this range there are options that can meet any technical and budgetary requirements.

However you should always keep into account that it is not only the cost per square meter to determine the price of LED display screens. There are some items that are necessary for the use of the screen, like electronic control system (hardware and software) and power supplies.

Also the cost of housing and support structure may really affect the final price, given last years’ trend of collapse in price of electronics and rise of price in metal and metal fabrication. Never forget about the costs of services like transport and installation, that in certain case, like locations with difficult access, can increase the total expenditures. Anyhow there is no doubt that the entry level of investment in LED display business, indoor even more than outdoor, in the last few years has dropped down tremendously.