To Rent 4K Ultra HD LED Stage Screens: What Should You Know

Since the rental LED stage screen entered the market, it has experienced a long initial stage; The first turning point of the industry is that after 2008, due to the application of the scroll opening scene of the Beijing Olympic Games, the rental LED stage screen has become a big fire in the industry, and the scope of its application scene has been greatly expanded. In the case of a good industry, rental LED stage screen was affected by the frugal policy, and the overall industry fell into a downturn. It took several years to eliminate a batch of rental screen enterprises.

In the past two years, due to the rapid development of China’s cultural and entertainment undertakings, the improvement of people’s spiritual needs, and the outbreak of small spacing display screens, the demand of the rental LED stage screen industry has greatly increased, and the industry has changed its previous sluggish situation, showing vitality.

In order to meet the increasingly high requirements of audiences and performance companies for rental LED stage screens, the industry continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, vertically deriving a series of new products for the stage, such as small spacing display screens, while the horizontal market spreads from first tier cities to second, third and fourth tier cities and towns, comprehensively calling the development trend of the industry.

Different functions and uses of LED stage screen require higher process requirements

Compared with other displays, rental LED stage screens are different from their functions and uses, and the process requirements are relatively high. Because the rental LED stage screen needs to be removed and moved frequently and is not fixed, the rental screen has the characteristics of rapid installation and removal and light box, which is convenient for installation and removal.

At the same time, rental LED stage screens are often equipped with different means of transportation, and collision damage should be avoided in transportation engineering. Therefore, stage rental screens should have certain damage resistance, reduce the damage of electronic components, and ensure the normal use of display functions.

Moreover, the maintenance of the rental screen is not simple. Due to different application scenarios, the daily maintenance of the stage rental screen will also change. The stage is coastal, and the rental LED stage screen needs to be strengthened against fog, salt and moisture; The stage is located inland, so we need to strengthen the anti-corrosion, waterproof and sunscreen work to reduce the loss of stage rental screens.

As the domestic idol industry continues to be hot, the rental LED stage screen market will continue to increase in the future. It can be predicted that more and more enterprises will join the queue of stage rental screens in the future. If you want to take a share of this big cake, rental LED stage screen enterprises must rely on local policies, stay ahead of demand, innovate technology, and continue to move forward.

Strong policy support, Ultra HD display will be the trend

The Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio and television and the Central Radio and television station jointly issued the action plan for the development of ultra high definition video industry (2019-2022), which pointed out that by 2022, the 4K industrial ecosystem will be basically perfect, and breakthroughs will be made in the research and development and industrialization of 8K key technology products, forming a good pattern of coordinated development of technology, products, services and applications.

Good support policies spread from face to face. At the 2019 world ultra high definition video (4K / 8K) industry development conference, 8 provinces and cities across the country jointly issued ultra high definition video industry development policies to vigorously support the development of ultra high definition video industry in their respective regions.

It can be seen from the strong support of the state and all regions that the state attaches importance to the UHD video industry, which means that the UHD rental screen has become the next outlet of LED display. The opportunity is coming, followed by high requirements for rental screen UHD display processing. 4K HD rental LED stage screen means that the spacing between light beads is shorter, the light is more transparent, the video processing should be clearer and more delicate, and the color should be more saturated and natural. The technological innovation of rental screen enterprises is imperative.

In the future, the 4trillion ultra-high definition video market in China will urge the display industry to develop technologies with higher definition, finer details and fuller colors. If the stage rental screen enterprises are willing to enter the game, they need to adjust their development strategies, focus on the research and development of technologies such as driving IC, chip and the best light-emitting source supporting 4K technology, and take the lead in achieving technical convergence, so as to obtain the qualification to enter the game and share industrial dividends.

In depth research and development of special-shaped screen to meet the increasing demand for stage creativity

The creative construction of stage rental screen can bring the most direct visual impact to the audience and leave a profound impact. However, a variety of special-shaped screens have been derived from the market, and through the combination with other LED displays, different forms of creative stage have been constructed. The performance stage at home and abroad has begun to develop towards the idea of creative stage.

However, although the creative stage has developed, the market is still vacant. Whoever can take the lead in deploying special-shaped screens can occupy a place in the future market share. Moreover, the creation style of the creative stage is not limited to one style. Enterprises can carry out the most imaginative research and development according to a variety of themes, and make the name of creative special-shaped screens as soon as possible.

Due to the various forms of rental screens used to set up the stage, enterprises can start from the traditional rental screens, emerging transparent screens, ceiling screens and floor tile screens to carry out deep research and development on LED special-shaped screens. While enterprises are afraid of consolidating their existing undertakings, they should deepen research and development in multiple directions to promote enterprise development to a new height. The horizontal development of the market ushered in a new round of “old for new” boom.

In the past, the rental LED stage screen market was dominated by first tier cities, while the second and third tier cities used “old products” eliminated from first tier cities, which belonged to the secondary market, and LED screen enterprises were difficult to open the market.

Nowadays, with the improvement of China’s economic level, the LED display screen market has spread horizontally to the second, third and fourth tier cities, wedding scenes, literary and artistic performances and other application scenes, and the demand for new rental screens has soared, gradually driving the old rental screens out of the market.

Rental screens will usher in a new round of “trade in” boom. With fierce competition in the first tier cities, rental screen enterprises can locate in the second and third tier cities, seize the new product market of rental screen and develop stably.


In the development dilemma of domestic LED display screens, rental led stage screens are the first to break through. Although the market demand is strong, this does not mean that led stage rental screens can rest easy. National policies urge technological innovation, people’s demand for higher definition of display screen, and promote the development of the industry.

Led stage rental screen enterprises need to accelerate their pace, seize the opportunity of the second, third and fourth tier market, develop the creative special-shaped screen market, increase technology research and development, and seek a win-win comprehensive development between enterprises and led stage rental screen.