How to order a Great LED Sphere Display 800 nits

If you need to buy LED Sphere Display, You first need to confirm the following requirements.

1: What is the diameter of the LED spherical screen you need?  
2: What is the Pixel pitch you need? (If you don’t know the concept of dot spacing, please refer to Pixel pitch)
3: Where are you placed? Indoors (not waterproof, normal brightness), or outdoor (waterproof + high brightness)? Or some special places, such as glass room (not waterproof + high brightness)?  

Once you have identified the above information, in order to save time and money, you can choose one of our existing balls that is close to your needs. You can order Directly below:

DiameterPixel pitchScope of applicationBright (CD/m*)
1.0 MeterP4indoor800nits
1.2 MetersP3indoor800nits
1.2 MetersP4indoor800nits
1.5 MetersP3indoor800nits
1.5 MetersP4indoor800nits
1.8 MetersP3indoor800nits
2.0 MetersP3indoor800nits

 If there is no product for your needs, you can contact us directly to customize the ball you need.

Customized LED Sphere Display

Customized led spherical screen process:
1: Determine the diameter/dot spacing(Pixel pitch)of the led spherical screen / indoor and outdoor
2: Our engineers evaluate the number of types of modules that need to be opened.
3: According to the number of modules and the area of the ball, we provide you with a complete project quotation.
4: Arrange production after confirming the price. (Customization cycle is generally 60-90 days)

To customize the LED screen you need, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1: Regardless of the change in the diameter or the difference in pixel pitch, we need to redesign and develop new modules to complete.
2: Usually, a complete custom led spherical screen requires 10-30 modules, and each one requires an additional payment module development cost, so purchasing the existing version is the most economical solution.
3: In addition, for the selection of the brand of lamp beads, control system control, and other details. We will communicate with you in detail.