8 Years of Curved LED Wall Experience: How to Customize An Amazing Cylindral LED Display Screen

Cylinder & curved LED wall overview

Pattern of displaying about this creativity is designed in a particular shape to capture the people’s attention, so when talking about cylinder & curved LED wall fixed inside about their layout, there will be lots of judgment, right now we are basically introducing the info and specs about P2, P2.5, P3, P4 as the basic combination unit related to cylinder & curved LED wall sign for your resolution modules option.

Flexible module’s parameters and other properties what will play an important role for your whole advertising display, especially related to your own thinking about cylinder & curved LED wall display screen, ahead to check through the sheets and more communication to understand several points that is critical to your LED wall in shapes of cylinder or curves.

After you’ve read all above, now you can see the individual of module groups tagging at different prices. What sort of modules are you going to determine before the application? What’s the most important index for them? We are going to make an analysis: 

1. What’s the definition of the pixel pitch, please refer to the link, literally we are defining P2 as it will keep the audience’s chance to view your content in colors and imagery, the least distance will be you have to stand at 2-meter away from the screen. P3 means you have to stand 3-meter away from the screen, and so on.

2. Module’s size and configuration, it’s optional that you could rely on us for the resolution listings, or make a decision of how many of modules you will buy for Cylinder & Curved LED Wall Display. However, if it’s not decided yet about the accurate dimension measurement of the object like column, you might have to take the module size as one of the important issues due to module is the basic unit to assemble a whole cylinder & curved LED wall display screen and it also means you have the determination of the size for your program. And so we can make the conclusion for you to design the bracket about this cylinder & curved LED wall display screen. 

To make sure you are having a better understanding of this issue rather than confusion, we are going to take an example for more details.
E.g: such a customer need cylinder LED wall display screen, P2.5 for the module option, perimeter’s width – 1 meter, height 2 meters about the cylinder. It’s a simple math question here, sums up the size of object surrounding around the cylinder column, that is Area: π(3.1415928) * D(1 meter) * Height(2 meters) =

3.1415928 * 2 (square meters), considering the P2.5 module size 0.32 * 0.16 (square meters),

According to the division’s output, we could easily get that this customer will need 9.817 * 12.5 pieces of P2.5 module, unfortunately, the module could not be divided smaller than it could be presenting currently, it also will tell the customer that he/she will have some choices or resolution below:

A. Adopting 10 * 13 pieces of P2.5 module, you will get a new cylinder instead of your target, the one is going with perimeter 3.2 meters, diameter 1.018 meters and 2.08 meters in height about this new cylinder.
B. Using 9 * 12 pieces of P2.5 module for plan B, the processing is similar to plan A.
The rest two choices we are not going to list here as we do not recommend, nevertheless, both are available for us to create for you.

3. Once you have determined the module quantity and layout at the same time, our tech support team will carry over the steps of processing to let you know your project will be launched.
i: Technician will depict the scripts of the original configuration based on the sizing.
ii: You will have to negotiate with tech support about the script and confirm it.

iii: We are going to produce the bracket in associate with the accurate data of script’s remarks.
iv. All modules will be put and lay down on the bracket at some day.
v. Your cylinder will be shipped out after assemble, the post-service and maintenance tips will be ensured again.
May everything is helpful for your curved LED wall, and start your cylinder curved LED wall display right here, staying with us.